About 1st Medical Billing

About Us

Locally owned and operated in Los Angeles.  We have over 30 years of combined experience in the industry.  We have top industry leaders with the knowledge & experience that matters & you can trust.

We have the Best-in-Class Software to process your billing and manage all your needs. #1 Software used industry wide, proven for over 25 years.

We firmly believe in hassle-free medical billing for a healthier future.  Our team is committed to transparency, and with our streamlined processes, you can experience superior efficiency.  Trust our experts to take over your healthcare finances.

Our Services

We only get paid after you do


How Are 1st Medical Billing Different from Others?

Although the pace is necessary, we also know that price is a factor, we give high-quality solutions at competitive rates to help all our clients.

Full Transparency

At 1st Medical Billing, transparency is our foundation. We provide complete visibility into your billing processes, ensuring you know where every dollar is going.

Optimized and Efficient Claims Processing

Our claims processing is not just fast; it's optimized for accuracy. We ensure that claims are processed efficiently, reducing denials and increasing reimbursements.

Training and Support

We offer extensive training and support to our clients. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you understand and utilize our services to the fullest.

Our Objective

Our objective at 1st Medical Billing is clear and unwavering: to be the foremost provider of medical billing solutions that healthcare practices can rely on. We strive to optimize the financial health of practices by streamlining billing processes and maximizing revenue collection.

Our commitment to transparency ensures that our clients have a complete understanding of their billing operations. We take pride in our optimized and efficient claims processing, reducing errors and claim denials. Our comprehensive training and support further underline our dedication to client success.

What are the Core Values of 1st Medical Billing?

Clear Communication ​

1st Medical Billing Experts believes that honesty, openness, and integrity create trust and foster better relations between our clients and our team.

Turnaround Time

Every hour that an insurance claim goes into pending status is an hour between a medical provider and their hard-earned cash flow. We try to minimize the delay.


1st Medical Billing Experts fosters a culture of ownership and accountability of the processes and duties entrusted to us and pursues maximum reimbursement for all our provider customers.

Transparency & Technology

Our reporting capabilities and ability to use your current software provide complete transparency for peace of mind. We leverage automation in our optimized processes to expedite cash flow.

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