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Our Services

We provide comprehensive medical billing services in New Jersey so you can run your practice without any stress. 1st Medical Billing prioritizes all administrative, billing and claims concerns so you can fully focus on your patients.

Full Practice Management Solution

We take a more holistic approach than traditional healthcare management companies, going above and beyond. Our services include the following:

Customer Service Helpline

Our friendly team provides white glove service, handles all billing-related patient inquiries for you, freeing up your time and ensuring everyone’s on the same page.

Account Receivable

We help you avoid the tedious work of accounts receivable management, helping you improve your finances and get more stable income.

Insurance Claims Management

Our experts are experienced and knowledgeable in everything involving insurance claims, to help you with your revenue flow.

Integration with Multiple EHR’s

Cloud based, Seamless EHR’s integration enhances operational efficiency and data accuracy, empowering your practice

Payment Posting

We have a streamlined cash posting system to help you see how effective your revenue cycle is.

Collections Management

Our experienced team ensures that the collections process is efficient and smooth and all accounts receivables are followed up on.

Audits and Assessment

Want to know how you can improve? We offer a free audit and assessment of your current systems.

Why Choose Us?

We are the best medical billing company in New Jersey for medical bill services. We believe that no practice needs to personally take the pains of handling administrative and financial aspects when they have patients to tend to. That is why we utilize specialized medical billing software to make revenue cycle management more efficient. With us, you can see revenue flow more freely, so you can put the money back into your practice!

Not convinced? Here are more reasons to partner with us:

  • With us you don’t need to go through the hassle of dealing with your insurance company, we get your claims reimbursed in an efficient manner.
  • We have proven to increase the revenue of practices by 20-30% by employing our tried-and-tested solutions.
  • Our services allow you to boost your finances by taking care of the claims process from A to Z.
  • We use an electronic clearinghouse system for better data management and reduced errors when submitting insurance claims.
  • We offer complete support and even do weekly accountability calls so you are always in the loop about the practice’s financial health.
  • Our medical billing specialists are well-versed in ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS coding protocols to make the claims process smoother than ever.
  • Our reporting tools make updating information easy, and you can access it on your dedicated dashboard.
  • We have demonstrated the reduction of billing efficiencies, and shortened the time it takes from discharge to the final bill.
  • We are quick and efficient in reducing accounts receivable days outstanding and claim denials.
  • We make verification processes more streamlined.

Benefits of Medical Billing Outsourcing in New Jersey

When you outsource medical billing services to the best in the industry, you can reap a number of advantages to help you boost your finances and take your practice to the top spot.

Prioritize Patient Care

Hiring an experienced 3rd party for all your medical billing needs allows you to shift majority of your focus on patient care.

⦿ It takes away the stress of administrative duties, so you can put all your efforts and resources into improving quality of treatment.
⦿ Patient satisfaction rates go up, which will lead to more revenue. An absolute win-win situation!

Compliance to Billing Regulations

With 1st Medical Billing, you do not need to worry about staying updated on healthcare billing regulations and compliance policies.

⦿ Our staff continuously stay up-to-date on all the latest billing regulations.
⦿ We make sure to follow all HIPAA rules to avoid any legal issues.

Decreased Number of Billing Errors

With 1st Medical Billing’s electronic claims submission system and diligent staff, you don’t have to worry about navigating the difficult process by yourself.

⦿ We submit all claims on time and with accuracy.
⦿ Our efficient process lessens the rate of denied claims.

Improved Cash Flow

When you partner with a professional medical billing company like 1st Medical Billing, you speed up the collection process which leads to a more stable cash flow.

⦿ By leaving all your medical billing to us, you will see an improvement in your revenue up to 30%.
⦿ We have a nearly 99.99% claims acceptance rate, improving the flow of revenue.

Better Productivity

Your office staff will be from the burden of medical billing, which will boost employee morale and higher levels of productivity.

⦿ Our 24 hour billing helpline for patients allows your staff to focus on enhancing patient care services.
⦿ You will also benefit from greater levels of employee efficiency by outsourcing your medical billing.

Best Medical Billing Services in New Jersey

1st Medical Billing is the foremost medical billing company, locally owned and operated. With over 25 years in the industry, you can count on us to take complete charge of your practice. Your patients will thank you!

A Proven Track Record

In our nearly thirty year stint, we have empowered countless practices, helping them find true success in healthcare, provide the best quality patient care and flourish in the competitive healthcare landscape. As an established medical billing company, our main priority is empowering healthcare practices by streamlining all the billing processes so revenue collection can be maximized.

An Experienced Team That Never Stops Learning

Our team consists of industry leaders with over 3 decades of combined experience- because you only deserve the best. We follow all best practices and get frequent trainings to upgrade our medical billing abilities. At 1St Medical Billing, we are ahead of the curve, ensuring that we keep improving our already streamlined processes. In short, we take a very pro-active approach to patient management.

Specialized Software That Takes Care of All Medical Billing Needs

We use top-grade software that has never failed us in nearly 30 years. Our specialized software is the ultimate solution for accurate accounts receivable and claims management. Our experienced team also takes care of patient records management and scheduling, so you can keep your full attention on providing excellent medical services.

Support That Goes Above and Beyond

We are committed to providing our partners with complete transparency, keeping you in the loop so nothing catches you be surprise. Our main goal is to set you up for financial success by providing the best, most comprehensive revenue cycle management services. We are highly dedicated to ensuring our clients find ultimate success in their rewarding venture, and so we provide comprehensive training and support as well.

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